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Stay between Nature and History

Choose your room in a 17th Century Monastery, in the heart of
Lazio's Maremma


We are in Tolfa, a delightful village in upper Lazio located in the northernmost part of the metropolitan city of Roma Capitale, not far from the Maremma Laziale, between the Etruscan cities of Tarquinia and Cerveteri. 


Historically known for its precious quarries of Alunite, fundamental for textile production, it encloses within its territory a vast Biodiversity, as well as an interesting historical presence, starting from the Prehistoric period, to cross the Etruscan and Roman, through the Middle Ages, to the modern age with the noble families of Capocci, Frangipane, Di Castro and Chigi.


Since 2013 Tolfa has been a member municipality of "Slow Cities International," a Network that brings together some 200 "good living" cities from 30 countries around the world. It is the first and only town in the province of Rome and the third in Lazio to be honored with this prestigious recognition.

Our Rooms


Double Room

Prior's Cell

Double (for Single Use)

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